WordCamp 2016 – Vancouver

Mark your calendar – Saturday 27th August is WordCamp in Vancouver.

Early bird tickets at just $20 are available until 9th July, at which time the tickets are $25 – a steal of a deal in my opinion (based on the last WordCamp held in Victoria that I attended, which was absolutely excellent).

Hope to see you all there showing the Victoria support for WordCamp and our enthusiasm for WordPress.

Can’t make the date, then consider WordCamp in Seattle for the weekend of 29th-30th October.


We need WordPress Experts like YOU!

The Victoria WP Club are looking for people in Victoria, BC who use WordPress for a living (or who know enough to teach others a thing or two) to come and present to our group. We have changed our meetings to once per month and we aren’t necessarily looking for the same person to present at every meeting. If you use WordPress for a living then presenting to this group is another way to add to your exposure in this community, be recognized in your field, and possibly even pick up some work from members who are business owners and need some extra help.

If you are interested contact us through this website or call Julia 250-818-7513.

We look forward to you supporting our WordPress community here in Victoria.

Thank You.

Beyond password managers

KeyWpSettingsManaging passwords to your domain name account and website involves more than just long passwords and a password manager, especially in organizations.  How do you ensure a smooth turnover?  How do you  balance ease of access with security?

Too often a site you build for one person, other than yourself, or for an organization, is open to mis-management when relationships sour, or key holders are unavailable.  You have a duty to clients to educate them about accounts secured with passwords:  who should own them, and what is in their best interest. Steps hastily taken establishing a domain name and host for a demo site deserve to be redone to prepare for your exit.  Costly recovery of passwords makes you liable.  And what seems friendly, such as an organization of volunteers, can become explosive.

Start by separating goals from procedures.   “No one person can lock out another authorized user” is a goal understandable by all customers.  The solution may be complex if it is to accomodate other goals such as “Accounts must be secured from un-authorized access”.   Determine whether these goals will become policy.  But leave the complexity to a separate page.

Balancing ease of access with security requires ranking accounts into

  • what they control: public access vs private communication
  • how often their contents are changed: from less than once a year, to daily
  • how many need just read access vs write access

How would you rank the domain name account?  The hosting account?  The email server account?

If one account controls all,  it will be very hard to find a solution that meets just the two goals above.  So how should control functions be separated?

I am working on a longer article containing practical solutions to these goals.  I am eager to see your comments and directions to resources on the web.



John’s Kickstarter

John Overall has started a Kickstarter project. It will be a place for WordPress users of all levels to find useful tools and tips at WPPluginsAtoZ.com. Please support John’s Kickstarter by pledging or sharing these links.

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Monthly Meetups

We made a decision to reduce the number of WordPress Share and Learn sessions. Busy schedules have made it difficult to prepare properly for the bi-weekly events. Also, it allows a less busy schedule in the calendar for the Victoria WordPress Events Meetup; spreading out the events held by John Overall, Jon Valade, and ourselves.

As always, anyone who attends these sessions is more than welcome to give a mini-presentation on any WordPress related topic. How about showing your latest website design, and lead us through the steps you took in choosing your host, your theme, and any snags you encountered along the way and how you were able to fix them. You didn’t manage to fix them? That’s why we’re here – we can all view your site on our projector screen and offer up help and suggestions to overcome that sticking point.

Interested in particular topics? Let us know; we’ll try and cover it if we feel it’s a topic that is useful to the majority in the group. If not, then we can hopefully cover those questions you have in the ‘mingling’ part of our Meetup.

Our Sandbox

We now have a sandbox (sometimes called a ‘working directory’, a ‘test server’ or ‘development server’) so that members of this group can play around and try new things, without fear of messing up your live site. This is a safe place for beginners to be more adventurous and get something working properly before replicating on your own site. Access to the sandbox can be set up when we are working at the clubhouse during our regular Meetup events.

Time for a Website

Welcome to the Victoria WP Club! We’ve been hosting these events through the Victoria WordPress Events Group, on Meetup for about a year now, so isn’t it time for a website…well, here it is.

I created this site using the Enfold theme. Jon Valade of Ideazone gave a presentation to our group back in Spring of 2015. I was completely taken in by what the theme had to offer so rushed home and made the purchase (around $60 I believe). Of course, life gets busy so there the theme sat waiting to be used. Finally, I decided we should have a website and that gave me the ideal opportunity to use the theme (and it’s great to use). So here it is – my first completed site using this theme. It takes a little getting used to, but for what it has to offer it is definitely worth it.

We hope you find this a useful resource, whether combined with attending the events at the clubhouse, or if you can only contribute online due to other commitments (or even better, a heavy workload of websites to design!).

If you have any ideas for growing this club, improving the website, offering to present, or anything else I haven’t thought of, then please let us know.