Event: New Website and Videos

We had every seat filled tonight at the computer desks so that’s good – thanks to those who came out.

A big thank you to Mark McLaughlin of Best Color Video who did a fabulous job of talking about Videos and their use in WordPress. I did want to share with you this link to 15 Gorgeous Full-Width Video WordPress Themes by WPMU Dev.

Also, thanks for the feedback on this new website. I’ve made a few minor changes already and the rest will come over time. The idea is to continually improve it and I’m enlisting the help of others in the group to work on various parts in order that we achieve this sooner than later. Here’s a list of some items that we discussed as items to add/change:

  • SEO still needs to be completed
  • Add a favicon
  • Add pointer to the Clubhouse door using Photoshop (it’s very difficult to find)
  • Make reference on the home page to the Meetup group and the relationship between the two
  • On the home page where it references ‘who uses WordPress’ have a link to our own members projects
  • Add links to other tech groups/clubs in Victoria (including other Meetup groups)
  • Add a proper email address such as info@ or set up a group of emails (so that answering queries isn’t onerous to one person as the site grows)
  • Add a forum to handle questions and answers (this is a longer-term project right now)

Did I miss anything? Let us know.

The evening went so quickly so I do apologize that we ran out of time for everyone’s individual questions and/or queries about their own sites. Due to this I feel the next meeting in March should be a hands-on workshop where we’re all working on our own projects and helping each other. This may be an ideal opportunity for those of us working on this website to tick a few items off the list too.


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