Monthly Meetups

We made a decision to reduce the number of WordPress Share and Learn sessions. Busy schedules have made it difficult to prepare properly for the bi-weekly events. Also, it allows a less busy schedule in the calendar for the Victoria WordPress Events Meetup; spreading out the events held by John Overall, Jon Valade, and ourselves.

As always, anyone who attends these sessions is more than welcome to give a mini-presentation on any WordPress related topic. How about showing your latest website design, and lead us through the steps you took in choosing your host, your theme, and any snags you encountered along the way and how you were able to fix them. You didn’t manage to fix them? That’s why we’re here – we can all view your site on our projector screen and offer up help and suggestions to overcome that sticking point.

Interested in particular topics? Let us know; we’ll try and cover it if we feel it’s a topic that is useful to the majority in the group. If not, then we can hopefully cover those questions you have in the ‘mingling’ part of our Meetup.

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