Time for a Website

Welcome to the Victoria WP Club! We’ve been hosting these events through the Victoria WordPress Events Group, on Meetup for about a year now, so isn’t it time for a website…well, here it is.

I created this site using the Enfold theme. Jon Valade of Ideazone gave a presentation to our group back in Spring of 2015. I was completely taken in by what the theme had to offer so rushed home and made the purchase (around $60 I believe). Of course, life gets busy so there the theme sat waiting to be used. Finally, I decided we should have a website and that gave me the ideal opportunity to use the theme (and it’s great to use). So here it is – my first completed site using this theme. It takes a little getting used to, but for what it has to offer it is definitely worth it.

We hope you find this a useful resource, whether combined with attending the events at the clubhouse, or if you can only contribute online due to other commitments (or even better, a heavy workload of websites to design!).

If you have any ideas for growing this club, improving the website, offering to present, or anything else I haven’t thought of, then please let us know.

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